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CALL FOR PAPERS - 31st March 2013

Segunda-feira, 28.01.13

The University of Aveiro (Portugal), through its Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences (DCSPT) and the GOVCOPP- Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policy, organizes on the 5th and 6th July 2013 the Aveiro’s 2nd Conference on Urban and Regional Planning.

The context in which the conference is going to occur brings over two different but intertwined situations that may be considered as of crisis: firstly, a crisis that has been strongly shaking society as a whole, i.e., a large-spectrum crisis whose impact goes far beyond the financial and economic epicentre; secondly, a crisis that hits spatial planning, which cannot be detached from the factors underpinning the first. In addition, the same temporal context coincides with the 30th anniversary of the degree programme in Urban and Regional Planning offered by the University of Aveiro.

The contextual conditions, accordingly, give momentum to the (necessary) debate about the challenges spatial planning faces in the contemporary society. Forcibly, this debate should be diversified in order to incorporate the multiple dimensions of planning… from theory into practice, from education to research, etc..

The Europe 2020 strategic framework, assumed as the European Commission’s agenda for growth and development is a good starting point to feed a proficuous debate on the challenging future of spatial planning activity. This view gains ground when taken into account the strong territorial basis of the Europe 2020 strategy, as well as its implications for the development trajectories of the mosaic of regions configuring the EU. In fact, the Europe 2020 framework, as a frame of reference for the design of public policies aimed at mitigating or even reverting the effects of the economic and financial crisis, can be seen as fertile ground foster relevant knowledge creation and dissemination.

The 2nd Conference of Urban and Regional Planning aims at contributing to that knowledge creation and dissemination process, focussing in particular the Portuguese situation. As such, under the overall theme ‘Europe 2020: rhetoric, discourses, policy and practice’, the thematic diversity inherent to the also diverse spatial planning activity will be mirrored in the following thematic sections:

  • The lessons from National Strategic Reference Framework: balance, difficulties, territorial effects, etc.;
  • Challenges of Europe 2020 Agenda in the relation with:
    • Public Policy / Decision Making Support Tools
    • Rural Development / Environment and Natural Resources
    • Economic Development / Innovation, Science and Technology / ICT
    • Demography / Health / Education
    • Urban Regeneration / Housing / Mobility


Relevant dates

  • 31 March 2013 – deadline abstracts (papers or posters)
  • 19 April 2013 – abstract acceptance
  • 12 June 2013 – deadline full papers


  • Abstracts and posters: max. 5,000 characters 



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Informação Secretariado

Dr. Pedro Rui - Tlf. 234-372489 Departamento de Ciências Sociais, Políticas e do Território (DCSPT) Universidade de Aveiro


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